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Identify which applicants know your employees

Scouted intelligently notifies your recruiting team which employees are connected to your applicant pool so you can get a quick recommendation. All on Slack.
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Only for Greenhouse applicant tracking system.
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Candidate reviews from connected employees

Automatically ping employees with overlapping experience with your applicant pool for internal reviews.
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Currently for only Greenhouse applicant tracking systems.
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Triage your pipeline by employee referred applicants

Scouted intelligently identifies which employees know your applicants

Close candidates by bringing in the right employees in the process. Use the guidance of employees to help inform better hiring decisions.
No employee signup needed
Constantly finds matches in the background

Scouted then pings the connected employees on Slack for a quick referral

You can set the hiring stage for when you want to start collecting candidate reviews and be alerted whenever your employees have a connection to he candidate.
Customize the review questions
Set when to collect reviews

Once the referrals are submitted they are sent back into Greenhouse

Each review is attached as a PDF document, similar to their resume, on the candidate's profile inside Greenhouse. Scouted will also notify the recruiter responsible for the candidate about the new review.
Review info automatically attached
Automatically notifies the recruiter

Close better candidates faster with Scouted

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Collect unlimited internal reviews
Customize your review form
Automatically ping employees via Slack
Reviews synced with Greenhouse

Google’s best hiring practices, but done better

The Art of the Backchannel
We already know that provided references tend to be skewed positively. So how do you get a more balanced picture of what this person is actually like?
Use Internal Candidate Reviews to Speed Up Hiring
Cutting corners during your hiring process can have disastrous results. How do you do to save time during the vetting process? Ask for internal reviews.
Candidate reviews from connected employees
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